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The Benefits of Knee Braces for Arthritis Sufferers

What is a Knee Brace and How Can It Help with Arthritis?

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A knee brace is a medical device used to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It is often used to help reduce pain and improve mobility in individuals suffering from arthritis. Knee braces work by providing compression and support to the knee joint, preventing excessive movement that can cause pain and inflammation. Additionally, it can help reduce the strain on the muscles and tissues around the knee joint, providing relief from the symptoms associated with arthritis. Wearing a knee brace can help promote healing and reduce the risk of further damage.

Types of Knee Braces For Arthritis  

knee braces physiotherapy treatment rehabilitation near me york onThere are many types of braces available on the market today designed to benefit those suffering from arthritis in their knees or other joints. Depending on your individual needs and lifestyle, you may want to consider one or more kinds of braces such as compression sleeves, unloader braces (for offloading pressure away from affected joints), hinged supports (for increased stability) or even neoprene wraps. Each has its own advantages so it’s important to consult with your doctor before making a selection.  

Compression Sleeves For Comfort And Support   

Compression sleeves have become increasingly popular amongst athletes due to their snug fit which helps reduce swelling while providing excellent support at the same time; however they are also ideal for helping control pain and inflammation in arthritis sufferers. They are lightweight, breathable and can be easily worn under clothing.  


Unloader Knee Braces For Pain Relief 

Unloader braces provide a great deal of support for those with knee osteoarthritis by relieving pressure from the affected joint while providing stability to promote better alignment of the knee joint. This type of brace is ideal for daily use as it does not restrict movement but rather allows you to perform activities without risk or aggravating your condition further. 


Hinged Supports For Maximum Protection   

For more serious cases of arthritis in which additional protection is needed, hinged supports can be used on top of other types such as compression sleeves; they provide extra stability and help reduce pain levels while allowing full range motion (with hinges that lock into place when necessary). It’s important to consult with your doctor prior to purchase so that you get the right fit for maximum comfortability and support throughout activities like walking, climbing stairs or even running if desired!  

How To Use Knee Braces Correctly    

It’s essential that any type of brace be fitted correctly before using it – this will ensure maximum effectiveness regarding its intended purpose such as reducing pain levels associated with arthritis-related conditions like stiffness and  swelling. Additionally proper fitting also helps make sure there are no gaps between skin and fabric causing chafing during activity which could lead to irritation and discomfort over time. 

Choosing The Right Knee Brace For You   

When selecting a knee brace specifically designed for alleviating pain caused by arthritis related issues there certain things should consider including size (make sure fits snugly but not too tight); material used in construction – look something durable yet comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without feeling restricted; and overall design features.

Final Thoughts

At Mount Dennis Weston Physical Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Centre in York ON, we understand the struggles that come with arthritis of the knee. To help alleviate your pain and discomfort, we offer specialized braces tailored to fit every body type. Our custom-fitted knee braces in Toronto ON are designed to provide targeted support while also allowing you to move freely without sacrificing comfort or mobility. With our products, you can reduce inflammation and swelling as well as improve stability so that you can enjoy a better quality of life without constant limitation! Visit us today for more information on how our customized knee braces can help relieve your pain associated with arthritis – take back control of your life today!

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