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Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Manage Shoulder Pain with Physiotherapy

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What is Shoulder Pain? 

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that can be caused by a number of different conditions, including rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, bursitis, fractured bones, or arthritis. It can range from mild discomfort to severe and debilitating pain that limits daily activities. The exact cause of the pain should be determined by your Physiotherapist or Chiropractor near me before beginning any treatment plan.  

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain 

Physiotherapy can help reduce shoulder pain in several ways. It helps increase flexibility and strength in the affected area while also reducing inflammation and improving range of motion in the joint. Additionally, it can help improve posture which may help prevent future injuries or exacerbations of existing conditions. Strengthening exercises are also important as they provide stability around the joint which helps protect against further injury or damage due to overuse or repetitive motions. 

What to Expect During a Physiotherapy Session 

physiotherapy for shoulder pain near me york onPhysiotherapy sessions usually begin with an evaluation of the patient’s condition and a discussion about their goals for treatment. The therapist will then create a plan of action that may include manual therapy, stretching, strengthening exercises, or other modalities such as acupuncture or electrical stimulation. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and discuss any concerns they have during the session so that they can better understand the treatment plan and what is expected of them throughout their recovery process. 

Tips for Managing Shoulder Pain at Home 

In addition to being treated by a physiotherapist, there are several things you can do at home to help manage the pain. Resting your shoulder is important as overuse can exacerbate existing conditions or lead to new injuries. Applying ice packs or heat pads may also help reduce inflammation in the area while gentle stretching exercises can improve range of motion and flexibility in the joint. Additionally, avoiding activities that cause pain should be avoided until symptoms subside completely so as not to further irritate already inflamed tissues and muscles around the joint.  

At Mount Dennis Weston Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Centre in York, ON, search Physiotherapy near me Toronto ON and let us help you find relief from shoulder pain. Our team of professionals can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will help reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life. Schedule an appointment at our centre today to get started on the path to recovery!

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